As a true blue Singaporean in the mid 20s, I have set up this blog to share about my investment journey towards attaining financial freedom through passive investing. As such, I have named this website “passivements”, short for “passive investments”. My passive investments strategy entails assembling a portfolio of dividend stocks, skewed towards Singapore REITs. Like many Singaporeans, I love REITs and real estate in general for its stable and high-yielding nature while offering the opportunity for capital upside in the long-run. I will thus be using this platform to share about my investment ideas with particular focus on REITs and more importantly, to leverage on the platform to learn from like-minded individuals.

Despite owning a portfolio skewed towards REITs, I intend to use this blog to challenge myself through sharing my analysis on other sectors such as the high-growth technology segment. Having grown up in an era of disruptive technologies, I do believe that the decades ahead will continue to be dominated by technology companies. Green energy and sustainable living will be an increasingly important aspect of our lives as consumer preferences continue to be shaped by the unpredictable external forces that the human race have encountered in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the biggest crisis yet encountered by our generation.

As we embrace the fast changing world that we are living in, I hope that this blog will offer an avenue for me to exchange investment ideas with anyone who share the same interests as I do. Cheers!


Please note that the information that I have shared are for informational purpose only. It represents my personal opinion and should NOT be taken as a business, legal, tax and investment advice.